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There are several options for this, and you should choose the one that best suits your aesthetic desires and budget.Engraving If you want to give your stationery the most distinctive look and feel possible, and you’re willing to pay top dollar to get it, then engraving is for you. The copper plate is engraved with the text or design desired.Each box of designer stationery contains 30 sheets and 24 envelopes.

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Thermography involves placing resin power on the printed ink and then baking the embellishment.

The baking raises the ink, giving it a texture that can be felt on the front of the paper.

Monarch Sheets Monarch sheets, which are also known as executive stationery, typically measure around 7×10 and are used for longer correspondences.

You can embellish them similarly to the social sheets, keeping in mind that adding one’s address makes the stationery appear more formal and business-like.

Remember, many companies will send you a sample of their stuff before you buy, so you don’t have to make your purchase sight unseen.

And you might want to simply check out your local fine stationery store, where you can get some personal attention and see and feel everything before you buy.Letter writing need not always involve the writing of long tomes; the task of filling a large sheet of paper may seem too daunting and keep you from ever getting started.Instead, try sending off shorter notes more frequently.The correspondence card, simple, flat, heavyweight, and typically 4×6 in size, is ideal for this purpose.Correspondence cards often have a colored border, and while it’s appropriate to put your name across the top, having your initials in the corner in the classiest way to go.Social Sheets Slightly larger than the correspondence card (usually about 6×8), social sheets also make excellent stationery for shorter notes.You simply fold them in half and place them in an envelope.When purchasing embellished monarch sheets, also order blank sheets for letters than go beyond the first page.When purchasing stationery you will likely wish to embellish it with your name, address, family coat of arms, or some combination of these things.Basic stationery will print these embellishments in the conventional way, and are acceptable for the man on a budget.But if you’re thinking about investing in higher quality stationery or asking for stationery as a gift, you should look into printing methods which lend the embellishments a more formal and distinctive texture and appearance.


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