Four Essays On Purchasing And Supply Management

Four Essays On Purchasing And Supply Management-70
To a large degree, companies now have access to similar resources. With this comes the realisation that the competitive interface pitches supply chain against supply chain, with purchasing becoming vital due to the impact it can have on a company's bottom line (Heinrich, 2003). The influence of enterprise type on the purchasing decision process. Beyond Partnership: Strategies for innovation and lean supply. A trend in recent years away from in-house manufacturing towards outsourcing - or the outsourcing of non-core areas - has emphasised the strategic importance of purchasing (Hunter, Bunn & Perreault, 2006).

Their pursuit of added value follows the example shown through the success of Japanese Production Systems in the '80's (Ellram & Carr, 1994).

They have seen their management of supplier relations bring about cost advantage (Taylor, 1994) - triggering a greater appreciation of the strategic value of purchasing.

Globalisation is also a factor in the increasingly strategic nature of purchasing.

Global purchasing is now seen as a weapon in the pursuit of enhanced profitability and performance by way of technological improvement and price advantage (Fagan, 1991). Toward a measure of competitive priorities for procurement.

The traditional model of purchasing was that of a tactical process - no more than a clerical function.

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However, purchasing is now seen as a function which plays an important role in achieving the strategic objectives of the organisation for reasons which we will go on to clarify. Relationship portfolios and capability development: cases from the moulds industry.

ROA: net income / total assets Also known as ROI Inventory Turnover: COGS / Average Inventory Manual Purchasing System 1) Material Requisition (MR) a. Request for Quotation - if there is no current supplier, the buyer must find a pool of qualified suppliers and issue an RFQ.

A user writes the product, quantity, delivery due date, on the MR. There are duplicates made for the user, warehouse, and accounting department. sometimes used when a product is ordered on a regular basis. Request for Proposal - used for a complicated and highly technical component part.

The act of obtaining merchandise, capital equipment, raw materials, services, or maintenance, in exchange for money or its equivalent.

Classified into two categories: Merchants - wholesalers / retailers, who purchase for resale purposes Industrial Buyers - primary task is to purchase raw materials for conversion purposes Primary goals of purchasing is to ensure uninterrupted flow of raw materials at the lowest total cost, to improve quality of the finished goods, and to maximize customer satisfaction.


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