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She says the first step is to ensure that one attends one of the pre-briefing sessions held at the Embassy.

“Make sure to attend the mandatory Fulbright pre-briefing session at the US Embassy.

So spend some time thinking and talking about this.

Your supervisor and academic friends will be a great help so talk to them. I advise you to start early because you will write multiple drafts. My supervisor was fantastic and really pushed me to promote myself a bit more – I’m a typical, modest, Irish girl who doesn’t like to “brag”.

They are relatively short, about fifty lines of text if I remember correctly, although application procedures may be different in other countries.

In this post, I will share some of my tips for writing the Research Objectives essay.

This is the first crucial step you need to take because you will get to know exactly what is needed from you; from writing essays and recommendation letters, to also getting a chance to ask questions on any aspects of the application you may have queries on.

Moreover, the Education USA advisor will send you the link that you will use to begin your application, and this can only happen if you attend the session,” she adds.

Fulbright aren’t going to give just anyone an award.

They will probably choose proposals that have the potential to make a difference in society.


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