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Much effort is put towards organizing events and celebrations that occur on Republic Day in India.Large military parades are held in New Delhi and the state capitals.

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Begin with a List Make a list of your positive qualities, strengths, personality characteristics and traits. You can fix mistakes and improve your writing in later drafts.

Have a Focus Your goal should not be to include all of your accomplishments and activities (that is what an activities resume is for).

They protested in mass and shook the Palace and brought down the king from his throne.

As a result, Nepal was proclaimed a republic on May 28, 2008. Nepal Republic Day is the day when citizen got the sovereignty power within them to create a democratic government, created own Constitution and rule their own nation.

Celebrating the Nepal Republic day, government calls off all the government services and schools/universities remains closed during this day.

There are few programs organized targeting the political leaders and political activities across nation and all the Nepali around the globe celebrates the day with pride and freedom.

The most engaging essays tell a story and have a clear focus.

A thoughtful and detailed narration of a difficult time in your life tells far more about you than a list of competitions won and honors achieved.

Republic day is that day when a country’s ruler is overthrown by the people/citizen of the nation.

In context of Nepal, according to the Nepali Calendar it is celebrated in Jestha 15 every year. This is the day when the Shah dynasty of Nepal took down from the throne after mass protest of dictatorship by the king ruling Nepal.


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