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Many students seek the assistance of a good proofreader to check for any errors or omissions in your work and will ensure that you have every opportunity to present your points in the best possible light, with the perfect structure, formatting and presentation to match.After your thorough research and work put into completing this best essay writing, you deserve the best possible grade.These two elements of analysis – including detailed evidence and linking to wider ideas – can be used to answer any 'To what extent...' question.

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Essay-based examinations can be some of the most daunting that students have to face.

Not only do you have to learn all the facts and information.

For example, in this particular history essay, a student could refer to other historical events that were responsible for problems between Charles II and parliament, but which were not related to his character.

Drawing on other factors in this way helps to increase the significance of your argument, and will round out your essay fully.

It's really common to see ‘To what extent…’ essay questions in an exam.

They come up time and time again, across a range of different subjects. Well, this type of question allows the student to show a variety of skills.

There are two principle elements that a 'To what extent...' essay question should include.

The first is detailed source evidence and extra material, to support your argument.

This recaps the important points you have made in the first two paragraphs and goes on to say that, on the other hand, it cannot be said that the question is completely true, as there is an extent to which other aspects also come into play.

These paragraphs show the extent to which the assumption of the question is not true. Firstly, by showing flaws in its logic (in this case, by suggesting that there were actually some aspects of Charles’s character that in fact improved his political relationships).


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