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He slinks down the mountain, hunched over, and the kids (at first) mistake him for the Beast.

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Simon is also the one who has the standoff with the beast--the boars head on the stick.

This is where the beast informs Simon that there is no beast to be afraid of: they only have to be afraid of themselves--the beast within.

Roger tortures kids, and he eventually kills Piggy with a large boulder.

Jack, at the end, reverts to human sacrifice, with a stick "sharpened at both ends" for Ralph, as he plans on sacrificing Ralph's head to the Beast.

The theme of good vs evil is not only represented by the characters, but Golding believes that evil exists within each human heart.

The "beast" of the island manifests itself in many ways. This is a Biblical theme because the Bible teaches that man is born into sin and the only redemption possible is through faith in God. You can see the theme in just about any interaction between Jack and Ralph or between the hunters and Piggy. In this book, evil is represented mostly by Jack (as a representative of the hunters) and by Roger.Renowned international scholars in theology, philosophy and related religious disciplines have held divergent views that have had a profound influence to the 21st century thought of good and evil.Nevertheless, there seems to be no end (at least for now) to the often vigorous and heated dispute between the two warring parties of whether good can come out of evil or evil can come out of good.The old age doctrine of opposites vividly posits that, one thing comes from its opposite.For instance, something is cold because initially, it was hot but slowly cooled. So therefore, it is true that the hot comes from cold and the converse is true. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Then Jack's entire tribe hunts Ralph until they are rescued by the adults.All of the kids, with the exception of Simon, have let their inner beast out on the island at some point.It is first an unsubstantiated fear, it is next manifested by the corpse of the parachutist and then a sow's head, and finally Simon metaphorically turns into a type of beast when he encouters and sow's head and freaks out. By taking innocent children and putting them on a deserted island, far removed from grownups (society), Golding illustrates that eventually the evil within us will destroy us, even apart from the so-called evil influences of society. Good is represented by Ralph and by Simon, in my opinion.The author's point is that all men are basically evil. So I guess I would say that the best single example is when the hunters kill Simon.


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