Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Book Report

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With these rules in place, we were no longer bound to finish a chapter a night, which was good both for my kids and my voice (did I mention that the chapters are This was K's response to the boys after they asked questions about why something happened or why someone did something, and was a perfect example of an answer that was a) completely correct and b) very, very annoying.The book is, in one word, rather oppressive for a "children's" book.If it is always darkest before the dawn, well, the dawn better come quickly.The remaining kid (often B, but sometimes K) would then get 15 minutes of reading to themselves in their room with a chosen book.I also made a corresponding rule: any kid who falls asleep will be caught up by me personally before the start of the next chapter.It's not helping that Albus Dumbledore isn't talking to him, or that the fifth-years have to take the all-important O. You may notice that it only has one more chapter (37 vs 38) than the previous book, but also around 67,000 more words.This is because the chapters are longer still, many over twenty-five pages long, and with smaller font than the other books.There are moments of light, and Harry's friends and allies do not waver in their belief of what Harry witnessed, but permeating this book is a central question: when the people in power refuse to acknowledge something terrible, can a mere student make a difference?I made a rule saying that we had to be done reading by PM no matter where we were in the book, mostly due to how long the chapters are.In short, we find out in quick succession that a) the person Harry loves was never in any real danger in the first place, b) all of the students save Harry and Neville are incapacitated and come close to dying, and worse yet c) because Harry rushed off to save the person he loves that person ended up dying whilst trying to rescue Harry.Harry's PTSD, as you might imagine, does not get better after this.


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