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Six years later, shortly after graduating from college and anxious about her life, Ms. Some build glitter globes with their students to serve as relaxing tools.

Others use aromatherapy oils, and encourage students to create flash cards with affirming motivational mantras like “I got this,” or “Done is Better than Perfect.”Further, Dr.

Leah Kesselman, a 28-year-old psychologist who works with Beyond Book Smart, a Boston-based firm with dozens of coaches in the New York area, says she has dealt with students who have repeatedly yelled at her, “Get Out,” or “We don’t need you.” To calm them down, she sometimes suggests a few minutes of video gaming or the Spotify playlists. Levy-Warren, the New York psychotherapist, says she worked with a student who once sobbed to her after learning she had received a “B” on a paper.

To help, she used “reframing,” a popular cognitive behavioral therapy technique, getting at what a “B” symbolized to her and helping her develop a more positive outlook.

When she is not administering regular therapy, she is often advising middle and high school students whose inability to organize their schoolwork, she says, is hurting their grades, and their self-esteem. Kornblum helps them develop sorting strategies, workable planners and study schedules while also challenging some of the negative thoughts swimming around in their heads.“A lot of my clients will say: ‘I did my homework. Anna Levy-Warren, a New York-based psychotherapist who opened her one-person practice in 2005, now has more than 50 tutors with mental health-related degrees who fan out across the city on weeknights and weekends. And 10 years ago, Inspirica, a high-priced, New York City-based tutoring company that specializes in one-on-one test preparation, had no tutors with social work or psychology-related degrees.

The founder and chief executive, Lisa Jacobson, says there are now eight in her New York office.“Now, it’s all about calming people down,” Ms. The focus on students’ emotional health is part of a larger movement in education.

Before the Second World War, women were expected to be 'housewives' or perhaps to do certain 'women's jobs', such as nursing or being a domestic servant or shop assistant.

The war changed the world of work for women for ever.

But they also help children address the psychological issues that are holding them back, using common counseling techniques like motivational interviewing and exposure therapy, a strategy sometimes used with victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. “What we do is get at the core of why.”There is no official count of how many New York City tutors do this hybrid work. The Brooklyn Learning Center launched its Homework Therapy program in 2001 with one therapist-tutor in its Brooklyn Heights office.

Ariel Kornblum, a psychologist for children and adolescents, works out of her ground-floor office at the Manhattan Psychology Group’s Upper West Side location. It has since opened centers in Park Slope and Tri Be Ca and enlists 12 homework therapists, 10 of them full time.


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