How To Solve The Fraction Problem

How To Solve The Fraction Problem-60
One half of the students in a school are girls, 3/5 of these girls are studying in lower classes.What fraction of girls are studying in lower classes?

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We discuss each one and how it relates back to multiplication and division.

My students then use this chart (and the printable version I provide – available for free in the next section) to support them as they solve word problems.

When students are only exposed to algorithms, they may not fully understand the operation.

As a result, they will struggle with choosing the correct operations when solving word problems.

Click here to grab some free printables to help your students with solving word problems involving multiplying mixed numbers.

Before even beginning with word problems, I always introduce multiplying and dividing fractions (separately) with a context/situation.

The anchor chart and the sort are used after I have introduced and we have practiced both operations in isolation.

I do this by using resources from my Multiplying and Dividing Fractions resource.

I also use student names or teacher names in the problems whenever possible and friendly fractions for easy modeling and visualizing.

Multiplying Fractions Introductory Word Problem: While shopping at a bakery, Ms. How I Use the Introductory Word Problems: I write the problem on an anchor chart, gather my students at our mini-lesson area (around a large rug) and follow these steps: : I teach both of these concepts separately for about a week each.


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