How To Write A French Application Letter

When applying for a job in a French-speaking country, your résumé needs to be in French, which is more than a matter of translation.

Aside from the obvious language differences, certain information that may not be required — or even permitted — on résumés in your country is required in France.

As a part of the documents needed to be submitted at VFS for a Schengen student VISA, the Student VISA cover letter is one everyone tends to pay the least attention to.

But, not surprisingly the cover letter plays a major role in the outcome of acceptance or denial of your VISA application.

As with any résumé, there is no one "right" order or style.

There are infinite ways to format a French résumé — it really just depends on what you want to emphasize and your personal preferences.

Also the consulate can check your personal motivations, your sponsors, duration of your trip and your future aspirations through it.

Mentioning all these becomes quite important in the student visa cover letter.

It is also useful to specify the Hello Neil, Je suis née à Montréal (Canada), and that's where I'm writing you from.

I found your website the other day, while researching how to write my c.v. So, your website for French speakers was helpful, in reverse. Bonjour Frances et merci beaucoup pour ton message :-)I'm glad to hear that my site was useful to you.


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