Immigration Uk Discursive Essay

Immigration Uk Discursive Essay-50
Natives in receiving countries may also accuse immigrants of consuming more than their share of resources.Such may include welfare benefits such as housing incentives and education grants.America is an immigrant country; most people in America are immigrants.

Immigration affects the labor market by increasing the workforce.

Immigrant workers fill low-end jobs that otherwise disgust native workers.

This results from the migration of highly educated professionals in developing countries to the first world countries in search of better-paying jobs.

As a result, the developing countries experience shortages in skilled professionals such as doctors and engineers.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines immigration as the act of entering a foreign country and establishing oneself as a permanent citizen.

Many people move away from their native countries in search of more resources to better their lives.

On the other hand, sender countries enjoy a boost in their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) emanating from remittances.

Immigrants often send money to relatives back in their mother countries.

Such problems have driven many developed countries to set up immigration policies, laws and regulations for example, the U. through INA (The Immigration and Naturalization Act) limits the annual number of permanent immigrants to 675,000. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) have a task of controlling illegal immigration.

However, it gives exceptions for close family member. Such bodies identify illegal immigrants, apprehend them and then deport them to their countries of origin or take any other necessary measures on them.


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