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However, the SOPA bill is not necessary because we already have laws to protect copyrights.If the SOPA bill is passed, it will negatively affect many websites like You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.Tunisia strictly controls internet service providers, regulates internet cafes, and uses filtering technology to block political, news, and human rights sites.

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China operates the most sophisticated internet filtering and surveillance apparatus in the world, employing tens of thousands, but also relying on the active cooperation of major internet companies in proactive censorship. has provided user information to government authorities that enabled China to convict four government critics, and it has censored the results generated by its search engine to eliminate politically controversial terms and sites.

Microsoft and Google also proactively censor their Chinese search engines, in anticipation of what the government would require them to block.

The Internet is an extremely educational and communicative tool.

Everyone can access a tremendous amount of information and connect with people on the other end of the planet; it is capable of doing everything.

Joshua Topolsky mentioned in his article, “Wikipedia shut down its site Wednesday to voice opposition to the laws (Google, Reddit and several other sites also protested similarly).” As a result, this bill has not passed yet.

We can see that many people oppose Internet censorship.

For that reason alone, privacy merits protection to ensure human dignity and integrity.

The “war on terror” did not cause, but did exacerbate, the trend towards restriction of the internet and the proliferation of surveillance through modern technology.

Pressure is on internet companies to create a voluntary code of conduct to guide their dealings with governments that do not respect freedom of expression or information.

It is unlikely, however, that this alone will avert a “race to the bottom” in human rights standards without government regulation to put the brakes on proactive censorship and the lack of transparency.


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