John Milton Essay Paradise Lost

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Let’s consider the dreams of Eva, and find out the meaning of her dreams.

The first dream of Eva was about Satan, who as well as God can influence human dreams.

Thus, the process of Satan’s devolution was not over and at this stage, Satan’s plans become more sophisticated.

The main antagonist realizes that the direct attacks of God are senseless and decides to use alternative methods.

(38-47)So what did Milton mean by this temptation dream?

The purpose was to show that God and Satan could influence Adam and Eve through dreams: Evil into the mind of God or Man May come and go, so unapprov’d, and leave No spot or blame behind: Which gives me hope That what in sleep thou didst abhor to dream Waking thou never wilt consent to do.

The direct protests and attacks are replaced with the insidious plans of tempting men and hurting the feelings of God who favors this newly created race.

Satan’s continuing devolution prevents him from putting an end to the struggle against God and motivates him to invent new more sophisticated methods of attacks.

With all the attempts of making evil out of good which were not crowned with success, the tension in Satan’s soul grew, continuing the process of his degradation.

In the fourth book, Milton shows Satan’s despair which intensifies suffering of the main negative character and catalyzes his insidious attacks of God.


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