Kfc And Mcdonalds In China Case Study

Kfc And Mcdonalds In China Case Study-64
In China, KFC and Mc Donald had to adapt to very price sensitive consumers.Though, if the parts are smaller, the price are also significntly lower.

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The Best Of Menu that is sold about 7 euros in Europe, only costs 18 yuan in China, which represent about 2,30 euros!

Price represent an advantage for Mac Donald, KFC remaining a little more expensive.

After chicken stuffed with antibiotic were discovered in Decembre 2013 in some of its suppliers’ factories, KFC had to face a drop of 37% of its sales.

From this moment, the brand has been making a point at controling the quality of its products.

Indeed, children menus are offered, with a toy and birthday party can be organized in the restaurant.

The nutritional qualities are also underlined, chinese parents beeing more and more concerned about it.But the group also tried to adapt its menu to the chinese customers taste and offers a Spicy Chicken Burger, red been pie and maize, and Mc Café also have a range of green tea flavored products.Concerning KFC, it also offers to its chinese customers rice with mushrooms, soy milk, egg pies, and the special You Tiao (a long doughnut fried in vegetal oil, typical breakfast in China).We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web.Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, We Chat, We Chat Store & PR.Contact us Today KFC, worldwide leader of fast-food chicken, has been present in China since 1987 and owns now more than 4400 restaurants in more than 200 cities.First successful because it was exotic, KFC is now part of the scenery.Mc Donald also made noticeable efforts to adapt its marketing strategy. The multinational chain, symbol of american capitalism, even went as far as offering special menu to celebrate the chinese communist party that had been governing for 60 years.Symbols of the greatness of China can be seen on some of its commercials: the great wall, entrance of the forbidden city, the Jo stadium, the chinese rocket Shenzhou 7, etc. Concerning its marketing strategy, KFC decided to focus on two main aspect chinese people are very sensitive to: the quality of the food, and a convivial atmosphere.It even got ride of no less than 1000 of its chickn supplier within the framework of the “Thunder operation”.Today, KFC has become the clear leader in China amongwestern fast-food restaurants and there is no doubt that it will recover from those adventures.


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