King Lear More Sinned Against Than Sinning Essay

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Nevertheless, a sin does not exclude the possibility that there was a sufficient cause (in his mind) for the action -You can conclude the essay by saying that although he is more sinned against, this doesn’t mean that he is not a sinner.

That he responded to circumstances beyond his control but that most of the time he made wrong choices.

Because these sins are not against the law, they cannot be punished by throwing Lear in the stocks, or hanging him. ) Lear’s justifications in sinning: -he is a victim of his circumstances if you take nature into account. He’s innevitably “crawling towards death” as he states in Act 1.

(You can easily argue that his actions are the desperate attempts of an old man at the verge of his doom trying to cling to the little power he has and to fight against the innevitability of death. he jokes that getting old is a sin in itself – ‘i confess that i am old’ –The only essential thing I’d recommend to keep an eye on is how to justify that banishing Cordelia and Kent was not his fault.

I guess it’s the cycle of life, but as humans we try to measure life up in terms of fairness or unfairness and Lear feels the univers plots against him…I’d start every paragraph by stating one of Lear’s sins and then arguing that that particular sin was not his fault, but rather an innevitable reaction to an external sin commited against him.

That way you can have a more dynamic essay and have the debate throughout the body and not at the end. It was he that intentionally exiled the one daughter that did truly love him and put himself in the power of the other two.Therefore, although he is definitely "sinned against" in the way in which his daughters treat him, at the same time, perhaps we need to be slightly wary of trusting Lear's words.Then we found that, with many of the things that happen to Lear, he brings them upon himself because of his stubbornness and failure to see that his two daughters are malicious. As Lear is unaware of the effects of his rational behaviour, he is ignorant to his misdeeds against the people he is meant to care for, and, for that reason, believes he has not committed any sins.) – His pride is one reason that Cordelia is banished. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Lear cannot understand that anyone’s, let alone his daughter’s, love for him could be “Nothing.” (Anger also prompts Lear to this make this rash decision. His greed for power stops him from retiring peacefully with Cordelia after giving up the kingdom completely.From the beginning of the play, it is not difficult for the audience to identify his severe misjudgement.King Lear has decided to retire and to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, with his intention being to prevent future conflict.


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