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Around the world there are reputed to be sea serpents or monsters in many bodies of fresh water.

Unlike other commentators on the Loch Ness Monster, some of whom should know better, I have not been afraid to take poor researchers to task and tell the truth about their activities.

Crucially, I offer all visitors this challenge - if you believe anything I have said is inaccurate or incorrect I would be delighted to hear from you and will certainly spend time investigating your views or criticisms if that is warranted.

It is easy for someone new to this subject to fall into all the traps and pitfalls which we seasoned commentators have encountered ourselves so I must ask you to try to avoid preconceptions, put out of your minds the fanatical and more far-fetched stories you may have heard and approach the subject with a detached interest.

You may find that there is more to the subject than meets the eye.

Recent publicity concerning new claims for the existence of the Loch Ness monster has focused on the evidence offered by Sir Peter Scott and Robert Rines.

Here, in an article planned to coincide with the now-cancelled symposium in Edinburgh at which the whole issue was due to be discussed, they point out that recent British legislation makes provision for protection to be given to endangered species; to be granted protection, however, an animal should first be given a proper scientific name.

Anything you find within these pages has been verified to the best of my ability and can be used with confidence as a point of reference or for use within school projects.

The site can be quoted without permission if credit is given to and it is not done for financial gain.


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