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Refers to the weight of dry pulp/paper in equilibrium with the atmosphere.Though the amount of moisture in dry pulp/paper will depend on the atmospheric condition of humidity and temperature but as a convention 10% moisture is assumed in air dry pulp/paper.The reproduction of fine screen single- and multicolor pictures ("art on paper") requires a paper that has an even, well closed surface and a uniform ink absorption.

Boxboard chemically treated to increase the shelf life of foods containing fats and oils by retarding rancidity of such products when packaged in cartons made of it.

The treatment does not change the appearance of the board and is non-toxic and odorless.

(Source: transfer of acid from an acidic material to a less acidic or neutral-p H material.

Occurs when neutral materials are exposed to atmospheric pollutants or when two paper materials come in contact.

In theory a material that perfectly reflects all light energy at every visible wavelength; in practice a solid white with known spectral data that is used as the "reference white" for all measurements of absolute reflectance.

(When calibrating a spectrophotometer, often a white ceramic plaque is measured and used as the absolute white reference).

ASA is a sizing agent designed to increase resistance to water penetration in the case of paper formed under neutral or alkaline conditions.

ASA is especially used in cases where full cure is desired before the size press and where it is important to maintain a high frictional coefficient in the paper product.

Advanced cores can contain very specialized absorbent cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers and super-absorbent polymers as well as fluff pulps.

A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is cellulose acetate (US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) definition).


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