Mandatory Volunteering Persuasive Essay

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Research has also shown that on average, students involved in any sort of community service graduate at a higher rate than those who are not.

There are certainly benefits to mandatory community service work, but there are also drawbacks.

The benefits of a community service project extend far beyond the walls of the school.

The disadvantages of requiring community service projects from each student include the possibility that the pressure that these requirements foist on students may turn them against future service involvement. Mandated service-learning requirements may or may not be perceived as external control, but if they are, this perception can alter the student’s desire in the future to continue being socially active.

When students are required to participate in community service projects to graduate, some students may not glean social or personal benefits from the program and may find the experience less than fulfilling simply because they were required to do it and not because they wanted to do it.

She completed both the undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Pearce has been writing professionally for over 30 years.Whereas a student who works with someone who is economically less fortunate will gain a better understanding of what it's like to live in poverty.Service projects help students build character, prompt future community involvement and boost academic achievement.Self-esteem and self-worth improve and the students become more politically aware and active.Cognitive skills improve because the students learn problem-solving techniques.This action though has been met with opposition from various groups who have denounced its mandatory enforcement.Proponents of mandatory community service argue that it helps build leadership skills in students and better prepares them for future jobs in which leadership is valued.Also, students can apply what they have learned in school to helping other people in real-life situations.Students benefit from exposure to diversity and become more socially and personal responsible when they are involved in community service.C have noticed this trend and as a result have made it a mandatory graduation requirement.Some politicians in New York City are pushing for the city's school system to follow suit though the Board of Ed has refused to do so.


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