Mla Handbook For Writers Of Research Paper

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The access date is added to the end of citations for all websites except library databases. Citing: The process of acknowledging the sources of your information and ideas.

In-Text Citation: A brief note at the point in your paper where information is used from a source to indicate where the information came from.

Titles might end with a question mark or an exclamation mark if that is appropriate, but not in a period.

Titles written in other languages are capitalized and punctuated according to different rules, and writers should consult the MLA Guide or their instructors.

Widely adopted by universities, colleges, and secondary schools, the MLA Handbook gives step-by-step advice on every aspect of writing research papers, from selecting a topic to submitting the completed paper.

For over half a century, the MLA Handbook is the guide millions of writers have relied on.

Then double-space again and center the title above your text.

(If your title requires more than one line, double-space between the lines.) Double-space again before beginning your text.

Number your pages consecutively throughout the manuscript (including the first page) in the upper right-hand corner of each page, one-half inch from the top. Most word processing programs provide for a "running head," which you can set up as you create the format for the paper, at the same time you are establishing things like the one-inch margins and the double-spacing. Tables should be labeled "Table," given an arabic numeral, and captioned (with those words flush to the left-hand margin).

This feature makes the appearance and consistency of the page numbering a great convenience. Other material such as photographs, images, charts, and line-drawings should be labeled "Figure" and be properly numbered and captioned. Why spend money on gimmicky, unwieldy, slippery binders, when instructors prefer nice, flat stacks of papers they can stuff into their briefcases and backpacks?


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