Mother Courage And Her Essay

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Later, Mother Courage comes to the officer’s tent to file a complaint because of her business being destroyed.She meets with a soldier who wishes to complain too.

As the events unfold, the roles of the main characters change.

In three years Swiss Cheeese becomes a regiment’s paymaster.

There were now two complete different currency zones and West Germany was founded.

This was a prime time for Berlin as it was at the bloom of its development into a modern industrial town.

The play begins from describing Dalarna in spring of 1624.

The main character is Mother Courage who works in a canteen.

It also discusses the necessity to choose right life priorities based on the deeds of female heroines of the play.

The events of the Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertold Brecht take place during the Thirty Years’ War.

Marxism was the influence that gave Brecht hope that there was good within humans although some needed re-awakening.

Therefore his objective was to make people aware of this He also decided to let all the scavengers survive reflecting the idea of the survival of the fittest.


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