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One could define leadership paper or essay as a written work that helps identify and focus on many problems or challenges faced by leaders like efficiency, overcoming skepticism or distrust from subordinates, ensuring personal evolution of subordinates, inspiring motivation.In additon, it concerns potential solutions or strategies for addressing these issues, on vital qualities required by leaders, on how to develop certain skills.At the same time, he lived in a society that was disintegrating, objectives he was fighting for were often disregarded as utopist.

Philosopher was dedicated, receptive, adaptive to his students’ needs, approaching each of them individually, qualities that describe both good teacher and emphatic leader focused on personal growth of this students and on deep personal ties with them – kind of leadership that elicits not only respect/ reverence but also attachment on a human level.

Even despite multiple hardships, he managed to pass his legacy to the following generations achieving worldwide recognition for millennia.

Information provided above should be helpful when writing your next essay on leadership or when approaching other leadership-related tasks.

It is probably the suffering he endured as a young person that shaped his humanitarian worldview.

He wanted to empower ordinary individuals through education and social reform in order for them to become masters of their own lives, as well as to identify with and take charge of society’s fate, demonstrating such leader qualities as responsibility, dedication, readiness for sacrifice.


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