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(If no copy of your thesis is easily available online, consider attaching a copy to your email to the authors.) Here is an example. What other assumption can you make about a thesis without publication?

(If no copy of your thesis is easily available online, consider attaching a copy to your email to the authors.) Here is an example. What other assumption can you make about a thesis without publication?

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Usually, in emergency scenarios the victims prefer to call their family members, friends and first responders.

But voice communication in such networks need special care, otherwise, it will result in poor voice communication services which will negatively affect the victims.”, the author added.

In mathematics at least it is not uncommon that the omission of a key reference be corrected in an erratum, which may also help clarify the accompanying issue of priority. But the bottom line is people don't really read them or cite them enough. Nowadays, there are just too many papers to read, and the junk/predatory journals/conferences make the problem worse. But there is also reward on it, otherwise people just goes for easy venue to avoid rejections.

Assuming that this approach is not entirely field specific, the course of action would be to contact the authors, indicate your priority, provide links to (if available) and bibliographic information on your thesis, and suggest that they submit a short erratum clarifying this. I have even had a collaborator of mine (buddy of my advisor) publish experiments that duplicated something in my thesis (several years later). But bottom line, lots of people don't look at or consider Ph. So a strategy to optimize the time is to read only papers in well-known conferences, and hope that the authors did a good job in their related work (in good papers, they often do). In my field, Computer Science, a Ph D student is expected to publish a couple of papers in order to graduate.

However, Vo IP services are negatively affected in wireless mesh networks (WMN), which is a special type of computer network, by several factors due this type of network’s unique characteristics.

These characteristics are mainly summarized as dynamic topology, self-formation, multi-hop nature, nodes availability, nodes’ mobility profiles, distance among the nodes, etc.And learn that undocumented work buried in a drawer somewhere does not exist as far as the rest of humanity is concerned.Going forward, document and publish (as appropriate) your work (document for internal business use, publish for the outside world).Ph D thesis, by Rmi Coulom This thesis is a study of practical methods to estimate value functions with feedforward neural networks in model-based reinforcement learning.Focus is placed on problems in continuous time and space, such as motor-control tasks.In this work, the continuous TD(lambda) algorithm is refined to handle situations with discontinuous states and controls, and the vario-eta algorithm is proposed as a simple but efficient method to perform gradient descent.The main contributions of this thesis are experimental successes that clearly indicate the potential of feedforward neural networks to estimate high-dimensional value functions.On 15 May, Mohammad Tariq Meeran from Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies defended his doctoral thesis, which aimed to introduce approaches for improving the quality of voice communication in wireless mesh networks.“Voice over IP (Vo IP) applications have become quite common among many services provided by computer networks.I would suggest something intermediate between your two proposals.There is no reason not to contact the editor and point to your thesis.


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