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Carr described how the web is structured to make money for certain people how critical thinking skills and attention spans are ignored in the process.

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At the end of this experiment, it was established that the students who were allowed to use internet-connected laptops during their lectures performed much worse on a subsequent test (Carr, 2010).

The primary reason for this was that they were unable to recall what was taught in class since their attention/concertation levels was distracted.

In the article by Carr on is Google making us stupid, the primary point presented by the author is that he is that the web has grown to become our main source of information hence it has resulted to affecting our capacity to read books and other long pieces.

Despite the fact that this processes provides us with knowledge efficiency, it flattens our brain’s learning experience within the process (Carr, 2015).

His concentration usually begins to drift after reading two or three pages.

This sentiments by the author are not unique to him since it is what other people are going through.In his article, Carr explained how the internet impacted him.He pointed out that after he began using the internet, he was no longer able to read long texts of information without getting distracted and he is no longer firmly linked to what he was reading (Carr, 2015, p313).The author talks about the new idea of considering the brain as a computer feels bad for the loss of deep reading and intellectual stimulation it offers for ones brains.Lastly, the authors quotes the 2001: A space Odyssey scene which he used to open the article.Initial experiments showed that as the number of links in an online document increases, one’s reading comprehension tends to decline, and as more forms of information are put on a screen, one tend to less of what we see.The above cases are a clear indication that though the internet is good, it has a dark side to it.These associations are crucial when it comes to mastering complex ideas and critical thinking.When we are at all times distracted and interrupted, as we tend to be when starring at the screens of the computers and mobile phones, the brains tends to become unable to form the firm & expansive neural links which gives uniqueness and depth to ones thinking.But currently, all that we see within us (myself included) there placement of sophisticated inner density with a newer type of self-evolving under the pressure of overload of information and internet of the ‘immediate availability. An increasing body of scientific research have pointed out that the web, with its constant distractions and interruptions, is changing human beings to scattered and superficial thinkers.According to Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel, the similar thread in such disabilities is the division of our attention.


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