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We just ran the 8 edition of the Conference earlier in June!

The Conference consists of a mediation training workshop and a friendly competition segment.

We believed that age was no barrier to being an agent of peace, and we wanted to equip and empower youth with the necessary skills for that.

With the assistance of A/Prof Joel Lee, A/Prof Lim Lei Theng, and Mr Aloysius Goh, this vision materialised into an annual not-for-profit event called the Peacemakers Conference, which is still running.

Alicia Zhuang (AZ): Sean, when I go to Peacemakers’ website, there are three words in big font: “mediation”, “dispute resolution” and “peace”.

Can you tell us more about Peacemakers, and the significance of these words?

Notably, May Ann also gained practical experience as a judicial intern under a Magistrate Judge at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Washington D.

C., where she was involved in cases relating to refugee minors, guardianship, adoption, as well as child abuse and neglect.

I struggled a lot with my purpose and calling in law school.

I was struggling to understand legal concepts, struggling to make legal analyses, and struggling to remain interested in the subject matter – basically I was a terrible law student.


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