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Such tests are expensive, which makes the “organic” products costly.Indeed, the market for agricultural goods has increased over 1,000 times in price during 2010-2014.USDA orders and conducts testings of organic products to see whether they meet the standards or not.

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Secondly, it is often hard to define whether food is really organic or not.

This guide provides some details and facts on the topic.

There is a growing concern that what people call organic might be neither healthier nor more natural than the products not labeled as such.

Firstly, chemical pesticides are not the biggest problem in the food industry.

43% contained traces of substances that were prohibited by the Organic Foods Production Act.

Some products were really organic but came into contact with non-organic pesticides, and the rest of the products were simply mislabeled as organic.

Legally, the food safety is not the area of concern of those who maintain the standards of organic goods. Department of Agriculture ensures that the products are organic, meaning that no prohibited substances or practices are used when producing it.

Read 10 facts on food safety provided by the World Health Organization. There is also the Organic Foods Production Act which lists all prohibited practices, pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and the like.

To illustrate the point, here are some facts for consideration.

In 2012, 571 product samples were tested by the USDA.


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