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For example: Depending on a company's goals, there are a variety of reasons top management may decide to undertake cost controls; it could be for proven cost reduction (Corbridge, 1998, p.27) or to "improve corporate image in the environmental area" (Bozena, et al, 2003, p.45).In the Harvard style, a bibliography of the all references is included as a separate section at the end of the piece of work to give full details of each text, including its title, publisher and place of publication.This often causes a great deal of confusion, but the most important thing is to be consistent.

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The information below is intended to give an overview of the main points and some helpful advice to bear in mind when using them.Tip: If you have already used the author’s name as part of your reference, it is not necessary to repeat it in the brackets. This is by no means a complete guide to the intricacies of how to reference, but it is hopefully a helpful introduction to clear up the common confusion between the two main referencing styles.There are myriad possible tiny variants – for example in instances when a book has more than one author – so it is advisable to consult a guide or your editor or supervisor for clarification.Once you have decided how to reference, stick with that system throughout your essay.Two of the most well-known and commonly used referencing methods are Oxford and Harvard referencing.Using the Oxford referencing system does not necessarily mean you will not also be required to include a bibliography.But there is always a bibliography in the Harvard referencing system.It also shows a reader or examiner the extent of the research that exists to support your work and allows them to consult it themselves.The first thing to be aware of is that there are several different accepted referencing methods, all of which have slight variations in format.) follows any quote you use and refers to the number at the bottom of the page beside which the citation for that reference may be found.Most computers have helpful functions to enable you to do this automatically without having to enter the numbers yourself, so if you go back to add an extra reference, the numbering will automatically adjust to take this into account.


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