Poems On Homework

Brainstorming: 50 minutes; Writing/Reviewing/Revising and Polishing this poem can be homework or separate class lessons.

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Students will go back in their memories for images that stick in their minds and sights, smells, sounds, tastes and touches from their childhoods.

They will eventually use this brainstorm to create a "Where I Am From" poem.

Evaluate Lesson: Are the images and details that students brainstorm unique and colorful, rich and meaningful?

Are subsequent poems rich in imagery and sensory detail?

Student Objectives: Students will brainstorm with the goal of writing poems that use unique imagery and description.

List Materials (PDF): Set Up and Prepare: Make copies of the Sensory Detail Brainstorm reproducible for each student.

The emphasis should be on their reasoned explanation with examples—not on finding the “correct meaning.” They will not only have a good discussion about what they think; they will also be able to use this information when they write to the Chancellor of their choice.aniseblueprintbrawl Buddahcascadecasterscontentmentdeliberatedestinydismantlesfelicityforearmfracturedfrailty Fujifundamentallygildharmonieshath shornhoard Hokusaihumbling Invinciblekeenedleatherylibatedmellownighobliviousparsesquaintravagedseethingsievesquandersuffused Taraxacum officionaletorsounrebornupstreamvialwaftyellow-bellied sapsuckers After your students have chosen the poet to whom they would like to write, ask them to read and view the video of the poem carefully again, jotting down lines, words, and images that jump out at them.

What questions do they have for the poet about the poem and how it was written?

You say it isn't fair, but people do it everywhere. Do it now; we'll give you a treat, something tasty good to eat.

Homework is like getting dressed; got to do it to be your best. Homework is like cleaning your room, except you don't have to use a broom.


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