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ozone (O), peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN), Photochemical smog etc.‘Water is life’ is a common saying because all organisms including man need water for various purposes; it is needed for various metabolic activities and some organisms use it as habitat as well; man needs water for several purposes like bathing, washing, cooking, irrigation, flushing away wastes, generating electricity, manufacturing different products in industries, navigation, etc.That’s like throwing 1,300 pieces of plastic trash on to every mile of roadway in the U. And that plastic litter on the roadsides doesn’t necessarily Whether it’s a cup caddy made from unbleached 100% post consumer waste paper, or fine writing paper made of virgin wood from old growth forests, all tree-based paper is ecologically damaging.

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Pollution affects not only the individual organism directly by weakening or killing it, but it also affects the population and ecosystem.

A formal definition of pollu­tion can be said as un-favourable modifica­tion of the environment by human activities. It dates back to mid-1600s when burning of coal was recog­nised as the cause of air pollution which caused health problems in human.

Soil supports vegetation on which every living animal depends.

However, like air and water soil may also get polluted.

The debris escapes onto roadways and the emissions are sent into the air we breathe.

According to Keep America Beautiful, toxic pollution from plastics contributes over 19% of roadside waste.There are many natural and synthetic materials that can adversely affect the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil and seriously affect its productivity.Therefore, any substance that reduces the productivity of soil is called soil pollutant and such soil is referred to as polluted.Degradation of air quality and natural atmospheric conditions constitute air pollution.When, due to some natural processes or human activities, the amount of solid wastes or concentration of gases other than oxygen increase in the air which are harmful to man and his environment, then the air is said to be polluted and this process is referred to as air or atmospheric pollution.On the basis of origin of pollutants they can be classified as primary or secondary pollutants. Primary Pollutants: These are emitted directly from the point source (identifiable source) e.g.carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NO), hydrocarbons, radioactive substances etc. Secondary Pollutants: These are formed by interaction of primary pollutant(s) with other primary pollutant(s) or with some natural constituents of atmosphere, e.g.He further said that “the quality of our atmosphere can be nothing else but the by-product of the behavior of the nations’.The protection, preservation and enhancement of environment for the present and the future generation is the responsibili­ty of all states.A man breathes about 22,000 times a day inhaling about 16 kg of air.Classification of Air Pollutants: Air pollutants may occur in gaseous or particulate form and may be organic or inorganic in nature.


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