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The you create a triangle with area 2 (base 2, height 1) and begin adding triangles to its base. Step 4: Refelction When I did this problem, I realized several things.

The you create a triangle with area 2 (base 2, height 1) and begin adding triangles to its base. Step 4: Refelction When I did this problem, I realized several things.First, the “slide the vertex” triangle activity is important. Draw a line through the third vertex that’s parallel to the base.For example, they might simplify the problem purposefully and work on the easier problem for a few minutes.

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You find reasonably quickly that area calculations just mean counting up squares and half squares.

You run out of easy figures pretty quickly, maybe after 5 or 6. One problem is that many of the figures are congruent – they are exact copies of each other after a rotation or reflection (or both).

Step 3: Carry out the Plan You quickly realize that the results are a bit of a mess, so you decided to make an organized list of figures.

For example, you start with a 2 x 1 rectangle and add triangles to it.

The reason that the look and feel is the same for all problem solutions is simply that a problem is a request for some result subject to a set of conditions that must be simultaneously satisfied. If you follow these steps, it will help you become more successful in the world of problem solving. These uniformly focus on 'Carrying out the plan' at the expense of devising the 'Plan ' from concepts.

Since coming to an understanding of concepts is a primary goal, the omission of concepts in problem solutions, which are intended to enhance understanding, is particularly distressing. The solution developments are concept-based instead of the prevailing manipulation-based process. If you need help solving them, by all means, go back to Tutorial 7: Just read and translate it left to right to set up your equation Example 1: Fall, Date: You may be familiar with the expression 'don't look back'. Do you understand all the words used in stating the problem? Determine if the information available is enough, ie. The total 'Plan ' for solving the problem consists of the collection of indented 'Plans '. When presenting the problem solving process and the sample problem, great care was taken to label and display each of the four steps.

A problem solving journal is a great activity that helps you focus on the process and what you learned.

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Because they launched into steps 2 and 3 with abundant understanding, those steps typically took experts less time. Experts use each successful problem solving experience as a chance to hone their skills and knowledge.

If you’d like to become an expert problem solver, the last step is vital. What extensions or related problems could be solved in a similar way? The non-experts rushed into a plan, carried it out and quit.


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