Problem Solving Using Division

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Finally, they figure out how many objects were in each group and that is the answer or quotient. By throwing in markers and painting with q-tips these sheets were fun for my little man, and I could see his understanding of division grow.

We moved onto these cut and paste division assessments, and his thinking was challenged even more.

The numbers are relatively easy (numbers between 1 and 100).

We also have mixed multiplication and division word problems for grade 3 which students can try; mixing questions challenges students to fully understand the problem before applying a mechanical solution.

As they are used to playing sports, they go quickly and without stopping on their walk.

Knowing that the walk lasts three hours, and that they walk 15 miles in total and that they have walked with seven people, calculate how fast they are walking (assuming they walk at a constant speed).

With multiplication, you would take a problem like 4 x 5, and make 4 rows with 5 in each column.

You would end up with 20 objects, which of course is the answer to the multiplication problem. If the problem is 18 ÷ 3, The student creates three rows. The final step is very easy after all the work above.

The fact that seven people walked it is not important for this problem.

Therefore, if in 3 hours, they go 15 miles, how many miles will be covered in one hour?


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