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But yes, if we would have asked anything related to above pre-defined rules and regulations of the prolog it would have been considered positive and would have positive outcome. Like any other language, Prolog also owns some built in predicates, which are although used very differently in this very scenario, the prolog has these predicates for input, output, arithmetic and tests etc, some of them are described here : For Input: Prolog is something which once learned and mastered, it becomes the simplest and easy to maintain the language, as it uses only some words to code or program to define the very logic and rest of the things are already done by the compiler itself.As explained earlier it uses only the basic functionalities, which are sometimes very complicated but if broken down and written to make out logic from it becomes the easiest thing one has ever come across with.

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To go to more depth of Prolog, to know and understand it more, here is how Prolog uses clauses, which divided into two types: The rule is written something like this: Head:- Body Which means that Head is true only and only if the body is true. Facts are Clauses with empty bodies and can be explained like this: Dog(tuffy) .

This shows that tuffy is a Dog, which means this condition is true that is: Dog(tuffy) :- true . These Rules and Facts are the basic building blocks of the Prolog.

One can deduce the following from the above discussion:? Without them, you cannot imagine your code implementation and logic building by the compiler.

As to give instructions, you need a certain things to keep in mind, so that compiler can understand what it has to make logic, that is to understand it more clearly, there will be certain keywords which compiler must understand otherwise it will consider rest of the words as the similar once and would not be able to differentiate and define for which all the things are actually written.

Hd, we can understand it’s importance from the very fact that not only these most popular degrees demand this language, but most of the other important degrees like BCA, MCA has made it as a compulsory subject to learn in most of the colleges and universities.

This is used in artificial intelligence and has very high importance among all the domains of computer science and technology.Rules based on logical design are written to make the idea execute.As far as programming languages are concerned, like C, C , and JAVA, there are many drawbacks in coding them.Artificial intelligence has always been used to solve complicated stuff and to code the most complicated part of the computers so as Expert systems are a part of artificial intelligence, these to solve the complex problems with the help of logistics.Wherever we need something related to the domain of Artificial Intelligence to code and to provide logic to something, we always use Prolog which has been used widely over years of development and gain.People learning it and understanding it gets the high salary package from the industries.There could be lot many assignments and projects that could be asked to make, you can use it as a language to code in your capstone projects and other training period projects.First order programming is represented as facts and rules. It consists of an alphabet and sets rules for the logic to be written.The alphabet consist of seven classes of symbols: This post is all about Prolog but it is very difficult to explain the entire Prolog system in a single one, It is a huge concept to understand and implement, so I will be explaining only the basics and where it can be actually used by you.Most of the programming languages we use today to the code are procedural.Prolog is a declarative programming language, which means that a programmer only tells how to achieve the goal and rest of the things of logic applications and implementations are done by the Prolog System.


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