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This history was also written for a coursework assignment.

This history was also written for a coursework assignment.

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Example 1 Analysis Example 2: Educational Funding in New York State.

This problem description is a memo describing a problematic condition, identifying its causes, and enumerating proposed solutions.

Example 2: National Charter School Evaluation (memo) A student wrote and presented this proposal as the spokesperson for a nonprofit organization in a (simulated) roundtable held annually by a coalition of nonprofit organizations to set the coalition’s lobbying agenda for the year.

Example 3: petition for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Here is a petition to a government agency by auto safety experts.

Written for non-native speakers of English but still very useful for native English speakers.

Writing Effective Public Policy Papers: A Guide To Policy Advisers in Central and Eastern Europe [PDF]—A detailed, 100-page guide to writing policy papers in English.

Bush (United States president) in a war against Iraq.

Investigation was prompted by the apparent suicide of a UK government staff member involved in the decision-making.

(Analyses included) [Return to top] Example 1: Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (simulation) This example is written and spoken by a student in a classroom-simulated Congressional hearing.

The student is here enacting the role of spokesperson for a policy analysis think tank.


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