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Other participants will end up in the experimental groups, which do receive some form of the independent variables.

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About Randomized Field Experiments Randomized field experiments allow researchers to scientifically measure the impact of an intervention on a particular outcome of interest. In a randomized experiment, a study sample is divided into one group that will receive the intervention being studied (the treatment group) and another group that will not receive the intervention (the control group).

For instance, a study sample might consist of all registered voters in a particular city.

With random assignment, participants have an equal chance of being assigned to an experimental or control group, resulting in a sample that is, in theory, representative of the population.

Random assignment helps ensure comparable groups, minimizing the influence of individual characteristics, such as age, ...

Using random assignment means that each participant has the same chance of being assigned to any of these groups.

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So what type of procedures might psychologists utilize for random assignment?Using random selection, every member of a population stands an equal chance of being chosen for a study or experiment.Let’s imagine that you are a psychology researcher and you are doing an experiment to determine if getting adequate sleep the night before an exam results in better test scores.Researchers will first begin by coming up with a hypothesis.Once researchers has an idea of what they think they might find in a population, they will come up with an experimental design and then recruit participants for their study.She then assigns random numbers to each participants and uses a random number generator to randomly assign each number to either the 4-hour sleep group or the 8-hour sleep group.Those in the 8-hour sleep group agree to sleep for 8 hours that night while those in the 4-hour group agree to wake up after only 4 hours.Since the groups are the same on other variables, it can be assumed that any changes that occur are the result of varying the independent variables.After a treatment has been administered, the researchers will then collect data in order to determine if the independent variable had any impact on the dependent variable.This sample will then be randomly divided into treatment and control groups.Perhaps 40% of the sample will be on a campaign’s Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) mailing list and the other 60% of the sample will not receive the GOTV mailings.


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