Relationships Essay Introduction

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Although our distancing from nature began several thousand years ago with advancements in agriculture and social order, it is the age of industry to which we owe our modern regard for nature.

The growth of cities allowed for a separation between people and nature and our obsession with convenience and efficiency beckoned a new perspective on the environment.

Humans have always had an impact on the environment, but with the age of industry that impact has been ultra-magnified.

Population growth has been exponentiated, cities have become the primary place of residence, and the majority of the world is now out of touch with the workings of nature.

We are capable of understanding our influence over nature, but we tend to ignore the Earth’s reaction to our presence. Therefore, we should make change where change is necessary. Economy The size of our population and its incessant desire to expand has an obvious impact on the environment.

I am not arguing that we purposefully degrade nature, but that environmental degradation is an inherent trait of our population’s perpetual progression. However, that impact is magnified with the demands of industry and capitalism.With our population at seven billion and climbing, we have played a tremendous role in the disruption of the Earth’s natural systems.As we continue to grow and have a greater impact on the Earth’s systems, it is imperative that we address our role and relationship with nature.Our goal is to achieve stability for ourselves and our kin.However we also have an obligation to maintain the environment, as we depend on the resources and services it provides.In his book, Regarding Nature, Andrew Mc Laughlin identifies industrialism and the capitalist mindset as being especially influential on our regard for nature: “The economic systems that we construct and live within are, I suggest, the primary immediate causes of our relations between society and the rest of nature” (Regarding Nature, P. Further causing a perceived division from nature is the economic structure we have allowed to infect most of the world.Capitalism is an especially destructive force in our regard for nature as it encourages a monetary-driven social hierarchy based on the encroaching exploitation of our world’s resources.Although every species plays a unique role in the biosphere and inherently has its own impact, not every species has the cognitive ability to measure their influence or the capacity to change it.Humans are unique in that respect, which is the root of the problem.The question then becomes: what is our role in nature?Do we have the right to manipulate the land, factory farm animals, and pollute waterways?


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