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Recently, however, the issue of bilingual education appears to have grown somewhat contentious. A.: The Paradox of Bilingual Education." Social Justice. It is primarily the transitional costs, however, that many communities view as a barrier to implementing bilingual education; the reallocation of funds for such a purpose is highly unpopular in areas where students are not receiving basic educational needs already (Hu 2008; Mora 2006; NABE 2009). Speaking multiple languages offers a competitive edge in the job market and provides a cultural bridge for successful workplace relations. He also touches on the important issue of how to maintain the viability of minority languages. Each teacher used their own style, or that which had been handed down to them by those they learned from. As the text by Golden Venture (2009) reports, "Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans have contributed much to the U. S., employing more than 649,100 workers, and generating more than $105 billion in revenue. The comparison of the standardized test scores between Black and Hispanic students are evidence that Limited English Proficiency is a significant…… "The Condition of English Language Learners in Arizona: 2004." Arizona State University, 2004. The number of immigrants is increasing day by day especially from Asia and Asian immigrants constitute more than twenty five percent of all foreign immigrants. Their use of different linguistic tropes also highlighted how language and culture were inexorably intertwined, given that the subjects' expressed emotional responses were substantially different, depending on whether the scenario was presented as about a Greek or…… She understands that it is her father who fails to understand both her love for English and undying love for her father. The discussion will also present a casual argument of the topic and a counterclaim. With this level of diversity, teachers who are frustrated by the bureaucracy of educational institutions and the lag of simply choose to "just teach in the way that you know is effective" (Anonymous, 1998). "Psychologist David Pillemer has analyzed memories of school, and suggests that such memories have much to tell us about students' perception of success or failure. He also shows how one can succeed in life despite of the background as it is seen when he becomes a teacher and later a director at UCLA The main theme in this book is to show how life can be hard for the remedial students who he argues that they do not fail as a result of intelligence and poor skills but due to limited opportunity and little understanding. [Read More] Klotz 266) the standards of the system have had to rely on standardized accountability curriculum to attempt to make this cooperative concept work. State legislatures attempting to comply with state Supreme Court mandates to reform their education finance systems should strive to meet the demands of both adequacy and equity. The project will be implemented in an outpatient clinic and community center that provides care to different kinds of patients including elderly Hispanics.

This is evident by the initiatives taken by the States of California, Arizona, and Massachusetts to replace bilingual education with English immersion programs, and the likelihood of other States soon addressing the issue (Lipka, 2002). The study conducted of Guatemalan bilingual education programs speaks to this issue to some degree, though its ramifications in that country are quite different tan what is seen in the United States. California association for bilingual education official website. Because of this, demand for bilingual speakers in the workplace is increasing and bilingual communication skills increase economic…… Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. hile certainly a certain degree of theory has always been involved in teaching (after all, the so-called Socratic method of teaching was debated centuries before the birth of Christ, and is still cropping up as a controversial pedagogy), it was not until very recently that a great deal of academic attention was turned not just to the subject matter in schools, but to the way in which they were taught. The number of Chinese-owned businesses, mostly in professional, scientific and food-related services, grew 13.2% between 19, and are steadily rising." (Golden Venture, p. [Read More] Linguistics Bilingual Education, Oil, and the Navajo Nation: New challenges and opportunities in Arizona The question before the researchers was to find the best means of providing the State of Arizona with the rights to pursue geological surveys of land in the Four Corners region of Arizona. Each state has to decide how these immigrants are educated in English. Bilingual education should not be required in our nation's schools. (2004) NCLB Implementation Challenges: The Local Superintendent's View; Peabody Journal of Education, 80, 156-169. This is consistent with a recent psychological study entitled, "Effects of Language Usage on the Emotional Experience of Spanish-English and English-Spanish Bilinguals" in which bilingualism does not appear to hinder the emotional experience of those children who are bilingual (Guttfreund 1990). But in any case, a shortage of qualified bilingual teachers usually makes it impossible. This discussion will seek to prove that bilingual education in its current form must be reformed or eliminated. Essentially, that means to many teachers that they must reach out to their students in whatever language makes them want to learn and be able to study (Haas, 2009). When I talk to people about their education, from factory workers to physicians, from middle-school to doctoral students, it is telling how many of them call up resonant and emotional memories of events in school that, they claim, have had a potent effect on so many things: their sense of their intelligence, their social competence, their bearing in public spaces" (p. Scholars argue whether this is the implication of the alienation to students who form the mainstream population or just one of the effects of being drenched in a multicultural…… He tells this through his own life experience to show how both social and economic forces play a big role in influencing performance and perception of the unprepared students. [Read More] References Rose Mike, 1990, Lives on the Boundary: A Moving Account of the Struggles and Achievements of America's Educationally Underprepared, Penguin Books publishers. The difficulties are also answered with community emphasis on technology and social growth as well a community involvement in schools and district affairs. The experiences of some schools and/or states regarding the influx of enrollees suggest that regardless of the catalyst for reform, education reform can and should include elements of both equity and adequacy. "A" for effort: evaluating recent state education reform in response to judicial demands for equity and adequacy. This project demonstrates that bilingual interpreters would help promote medication adherence and compliance with treatment among these patients.

Then, I began to come across articles that focused on individual programs designed using this model which inspired me to look at a variety programs in different contexts and compare and contrast their approaches.

When using Trinity Online Resources, I searched the same phrases in addition to “two-way immersion AND kindergarten,” “two-way immersion AND elementary,” “two-way immersion AND history,” and “two-way immersion AND change.” Searching these phrases gave me limited or no resources to look at.

I believe implementing bilingual education using the two-way immersion model in school’s curriculum will help produce better citizens for our society.

Research Strategy The main component of my research strategy was using two online databases: Google Scholar and Trinity Online Resources. I searched phrases such as “two-way immersion” and “two-way immersion bilingual program.” While reading the abstract of several articles, I decided it will be helpful to use articles that discussed the two-way immersion model itself so that I can get a better understanding of it and its goals.The problem cited in this article concerns the paucity of requests for exemption for in any given school, and at least 20 are required in order to form such bilingual classes in a single school. The problem is that these learners have little access to books, either at home or at school. The simple truth is, a majority of those who oppose bilingual education are famously right-wing and typically Republican. Of course, there are other ways to help children increase their vocabulary in their first language. Trends are already being developed where states with a large Spanish speaking population have signs and other literature in both English and Spanish to cater to those who only speak one language or the other. Chinese Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900. It also gave students support from students experiencing similar struggles as themselves with learning English in a supportive environment combined with exposure to fluent native English speakers later in the day. In this report the consequences of limited English proficiency on academic achievement, the positive effects of bilingual education, and the possible solutions and implication of programs will be discussed. All respondents also engage in code-switching on a linguistic level to clarify meaning when referring to both stories. Switching code, switching codes: Bilinguals' emotional responses in English and Greek. A tentative analysis of code-switching in college bilingual education. Some believe the bilingual education is necessary for those that do not speak English as their first language; others feel that bilingual education gives people an excuse not to learn English. Bilingual Education: From Compensatory to Quality Schooling. Students who need to learn English in order to fully participate in the schools they attend cross all grade levels (Haas, 2009). Achieving your PTTLS award: a practical guide to successful teaching in the lifelong learning sector. Problem Situation Last year, the Principal who had served the school for over ten years retired. They also focus more on institutional support, like the need for appropriate funding for such educational programs, rather than psychological issues attacked to assimilation. Students in upper grades (11th & 12th) were more likely than students in lower grades to seek out information, and upper level students were more likely to find school counselors, college resource materials, campus visits, and college representatives as most helpful, compared with lower grade students (9th & 10th) who reported that parents, relatives, or siblings were most helpful. By giving people who are already in the school districts the requisite training, the grow-your-own program can take advantage of the diversity……eview of "Hundreds Wait for Bilingual Education" by Louis Sahagun and Nick Anderson (October 23, 1998) Although the…… "The misleading academic discourse on Chinese-English bilingual education in China." Review of educational reearch 78(20, pp. James Crawford (1998) also addresses the bilingual education issue from both sides. In fact, under virtually every Republican Administration, issues of bilingual education have consistently been maligned (Ostrom, 1998). However, those other methods do not also bestow the many other benefits of bilingualism. This idea supports what many feel is a fundamental…… Non-native speaking children were also paired with same-age learners in class who could give them aid when needed (de Jong, 2006:4). Limited English Proficiency students have received overall lower grades and below average test scores on Math and eading assessments as a result of the language barrier" (Borden 2001). Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language One among the many important topics in multiculturalism in the U. is centered on the many diverse languages in the country. The linguistic responses were not culturally monolithic -- rather, bilingual speakers showed a remarkable ability to fuse the two cultures and languages in which they were fluent. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 25 (2&3), 124-139. Lastly, the more personal issue discussed in Bilingual/Bilingue should be evaluated, and that is the relationship between the girl's father and a second language. The purpose of this discussion is to provide a casual analysis of this issue. Moreover, the number of foreign languages represented in any given school can be quite large (Haas, 2009). The Principal was well liked for her performance and democratic leadership style; albeit occasionally criticized for resisting change. Changing demographics in recent years in Canada have forced adult education programs to meet the challenge of doing more with fewer resources, as they fight, for more funding for programs designed to orient immigrants in the language and culture of the area. There are several implications of this study for colleges and universities. [Read More] The Impact of Using Professional Bilingual Interpreters Abstract Elderly Hispanic patients experience numerous challenges when seeking for healthcare services since they are only eloquent in their native language and are classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients.Using Trinity Online Resources, I came across the book On the website, access to both books requires a fee and Trinity College does not have a copy in the library.If these sources are appropriate for my research, are there any other ways to have access to these books? [Read More] Bilingual Education The first federal Bilingual Education Act (BEA) was signed into law in 1968. "A Critical Look at the Unz Intitiative: 'English for the Children." San Francisco State University. In addition, these factors greatly affect student engagement, as it is difficult to engage students without the resources to run an effective class. Faculty have many concerns going into the bilingual classroom. Classifying community colleges: How rural community colleges fit. This need is even more vital, considering the fact that an estimated 40% of American public school students are not Caucasian.This study sought to determine what effects the BEA had on local and state school districts in California, some who had previously initiated programs to address the Limited English Speaking (LES) students who were becoming an integrated part of the educational system in California. The National Association for Bilingual Education (2004) notes that teachers in a bilingual classroom do not have an easy job. wo main educational philosophies and lines of research prevail. New Directions for Community Colleges, 2007(137), 5-17. In comparison, only 12% of teachers are from racial and ethnic minorities.[Read More] Bilingual Education America is a land of immigrants and has, therefore, always required bilingual education programs in some form or the other. Consider, for example the remarks of 1996 Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole, who asserted that teaching English is meant "to speed the melting of our melting pot," and that "...e must stop the…… And while there are additional costs to bilingual classrooms, proficiency in a second language helps students gain admission to universities as well as to be more competitive in the job market. [Read More] Cultural Impact: This prioritization of education may perhaps best be validated by the cultural impact levied by the Chinese immigrant an descendent populations of the United States. Achievement test scores revealed that minority students tested way below that of Caucasian students. One of the topics of quite often-heated discussion is the way in which English, as a language should be taught to Americans, whose mother tongue is not English. (2002) Taking a Chance on Choice; Education Week, Oct 23, 2002. Although the different English and Greek scenarios elicited different responses, when speaking about their feelings the study subjects were able to delve into both vocabularies to find the right word to express their ideas. Impact of media context on consumers' responses to code-switched advertising. This is a primary focus of the work as her father resists the English language and he is unable to accept it within his household. The discussion will begin with background information about bilingual classes. During the time of the public brouhaha of the Umz Initiative, one teacher reported that, "I have had 32 different languages spoken in my classroom over a 25-year period. The incoming Principal ended up being almost the opposite in terms of disposition, leadership style, and educational philosophy. "As new citizens to Canada, they need educational programs to help them navigate the complex paths that citizenship entails and to upgrade their language, knowledge and skills to fully participate in Canadian society." Unlike Ferrigno's article on education that accepts community criticism and a critique of society as a whole, Guo and Sork's see "adult education as an agency of social progress" in moving students forward into better economic opportunities. The impact of such law is very noticeable among teachers, students and even to the school administrators. First of all, as school counselors were cited as an important resource for information, colleges need to work with counselors to make sure they have up-to-date information. (2010) explain that "erroneous information can lead to unrealistic expectations that may cause students to select goals and take actions that can…… This paper examines patient-provider communication between these patients and healthcare providers.In fact, bilingual education programs have existed in America since the late eighteenth century, when European immigrant children received educational instruction in their native languages. 50 The factors affecting cost are numerous and not always easily identifiable; in addition to the purchasing of bilingual textbooks and other instructional supplies, there is often a perception that bilingual instruction leads to a greatly increased workload and number of class hours, and therefore a greater overall strain on the often-tight budgets of public education institutions and districts (Mora 2006). "English language learners." Editorial projects in education research center. Students who become bilingual early on in school will bring those skills to the workplace and improve workplace productivity. The author provides a broad overview of the complexities involving teaching students in two languages at once and various possible ways to go about doing this. Retrieved from Bilingual Education Methods: Pros and Cons Once upon a time, perhaps, the art of teaching was relatively strait-forward. The Chinese cultural impact today is felt in the population's extremely high level of visibility in the worlds of small business ownership and corporate leadership. In 2002, there were over 286,000 Chinese-owned firms in the U. Children of welfare recipients had lower test scores as well. Mahoney, Kate, Marilyn Thompson, and Jeff Mac Swan. This is particularly so with foreign immigrants as their assimilation of English eases their assimilation into the culture of America. The study suggested that "1) one's emotional reaction shifts with language (and cultural context) and (2) all emotion terms (and reactions) are available to bilingual speakers, almost regardless of the context" (Panayiotou 2004: 132). This seems to confuse the girl in the poem, yet it does not disturb her. The paper will also contain a current evaluation of the situation. Eighty-four languages are spoken in our district" (Anonymous, 1998). According to the book, studies have shown non-native speaking students or students who have special needs physical or behavioral struggle depression because they are in a different country and away from family. Lives on the Boundary by Mike ose The achievements of ose with his students were successful and exceptional because most of his students were in the circumstances he was once in the discredits most of the educational fallacies and stereotypes that are applied on remedial students and literacy. The new Principal, called Skinner for purposes of maintaining anonymity, introduced a series of…… Adult education is "an important forum for building inclusive citizenship" more so than changing…… However, there are a number of issues that have been continuously arising as people try to avail of their rights to education. The evaluation is carried out to determine the role and significance of bilingual interpreters in promoting medication adherence among elderly Hispanic patients aged 50-75 years.The move to replace bilingual education with English immersion programs is perhaps understandable in the light of mixed research findings on the efficacy of bilingual education (Rothstein, 1998). "Bilingual Education: From Compensatory to Quality Schooling." Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998. Patrinos and Velez (2009) found that educational costs in Guatemala were actually…… Even so, the methodology of teaching second languages, as a separate study from general pedagogy, is even more recent. 1) And in the era of globalization, there is an increasing awareness in the United States of the role that Chinese-based multinational firms are having on the business culture and…… This report is designed to provide Governor Brewer with the best possible information regarding the Navajo people, their language, the issues both positive and negative that may be present in this negotiation, and how the law of the state will be affected by this issue. (A Critique of Transitional Bilingual Education and English Immersion) Bilingual education is a topic that is very controversial in the current American education scenario. Montano, Theresa, Sharon H, Ulanoff, Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana, and Lynne Aoki. This does not mean, it should be noted, that foreign language education should be banned, not that supplemental or resource room help in the English language should not be accorded to students who require such assistance. (2004) No Child Left Behind: Misguided Approach to School Accountability for English Language Learners. Nevertheless, bilingualism is a personal experience and the relationships involved with language differences vary from person to person and there is no way…… (2004) No Child Left Behind: Misguided Approach to School Accountability for English Language Learners. Retrieved June 26, 2008, at documents/policy_legislation/NABE_on_Darling-Hammond, L. For example, public schools in California enrolled recently arrived immigrants from 136 different countries in 1994, but bilingual teachers were certified in only 17 languages - 96% of them in Spanish. Background/History Bilingual Classes book entitled Bilingual Education: From Compensatory to Quality Schooling explains that bilingual education refers to "the education of children whose home language is not English." (Brisk) According to an article in…… Immersion Assimilation is a focus for proponents of immersion programs in which students receive instruction only in English. [Read More] Immigration Education in California Few issues create long-lasting controversy, the type of controversy that engages nearly every member of society regardless of their economic, ethnic, intellectual, political, religious, or social background. In one of the most poignant addresses to congress, in this case Montana, one of the congressmen demonstrate the fight, in every state for the development of quality schools for Native Americans. More so, it should be noted that whether a state is in the initial stages of implementing court-mandated reform, like the Equal Education Opportunities Act, or whether it has been in the process for decades, modern reform should incorporate the lessons of the last thirty years of reform efforts…… Keywords: elderly Hispanics, patients, medication adherence, bilingual interpreters, treatment, patient-provider communication, healthcare providers.However, as this paper will demonstrate, there is a far stronger case to retain and persist with the system of bilingual education for pedagogical practice has now…… "The designer methods emerged in the 1970's, a period of great enlightenment as many would describe." (Brown, 1994) According to Jack Richards (2001),…… (1994) Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. [Read More] Works Cited: Asian-American Alliance (AAA). Asian-American Culture: Perspectives, Experiences, and Prospects. The introduction covers the tribe and the language proposal and then two separate proposals ranked in order of viability (first is most viable and so on) are provided with the pros and cons of each. It was initially legislated as a language tool to solve the problem…… "The DEbilingualization of California's Prospective Bilingual Teachers." Social Justice 32.3 (2005): 103 . However, bilingual education programs more often than not require a long period of assimilation for students of immigrant status, or parentage, whereby part of the day is taught in English and part of the rest of the day is taught in that student's native language. is a worthwhile goal, but the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 is a poorly conceived approach whose deficiencies may actually do more to undermine many aspects of education than any meaningful improvement inspired by its programs. (2007) No Child Left Behind Act: Are States on Target to Make Their Goals? [Read More] Fifth, the NCLB is devoid of any meaningful consequences for failing to achieve federal objectives other than the publication of such failures in conjunction with the rights of parents to request transfers of their children to better-performing academic institutions (Darling-Hammond 2004). (2007) No Child Left Behind Act: Are States on Target to Make Their Goals? (2004) NCLB Implementation Challenges: The Local Superintendent's View; Peabody Journal of Education, 80, 156-169. To the extent that LEP [ESL] children received help in other tongues, they received it almost entirely from teacher aides" (Crawford, 1997, "Babel' in the Schools"). This movement is supported by demonstrations Curriculum and Policy Da Silva Iddings, Combs, and Moll (2012) discuss policies surrounding English language learners in the United States (ELL). Examples of such issues are abortion, crime, the death penalty, racism, rape, etc. The Top 100: The Fastest Growing Careers for the 21st Century. opportunities, including education, employment, and entrepreneurship that immigrants have in America. The longitudinal evaluation of school change and performance in Title 1 schools. If there is to be a solution to the Indian problem in this country, it will only come about when our educational system provides the knowledge... because we know about our history, our culture and our integrity.... [Read More] Works Cited Juneau, Denise, and Mandy Smoker Broaddus. Broaddus Chronicle the Law's Tortuous History." Phi Delta Kappan 88.3 (2006): 193. "Multicultural Perspectives in Science Education: One Prescription for Failure." Phi Delta Kappan 75.3 (1993): 266. Statement of the Problem Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing groups of people in the United States, particularly among America’s elderly……


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