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Close reading of complex literary texts, such as Cry Blue Murder by Kim Kane and Marion Roberts, should not be lost at expense of busy curricula within the secondary English classroom. more Close reading of complex literary texts, such as Cry Blue Murder by Kim Kane and Marion Roberts, should not be lost at expense of busy curricula within the secondary English classroom.

The Australian Curriculum: English covers many skills, concepts, and processes, within the Reading and Viewing strand, and it can be challenging for English teachers to embed into school-based curriculum.

Ultrasonic sensors generate high frequency sound waves and evaluate the echo which is received back by the sensor.

Sensors calculate the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine the distance to an object.

The Department of Education in Victoria encourages close reading, labeling it a tool in the literacy toolbox, and maintaining that ‘the main intention of close reading is to engage students in the reading of complex texts’ (2019).

Through close reading, students working at Levels 9 and 10 can develop comprehension strategies to explore, analyse, and evaluate language choices, with opportunity to demonstrate the related reading and viewing standards, as outlined in the Australian Curriculum: English.Systems typically use a transducer which generates sound waves in the ultrasonic range, above 18,000 hertz, by turning electrical energy into sound, then upon receiving the echo turn the sound waves into electrical energy which can be measured and displayed.Resumo O objetivo do estudo foi investigar os efeitos da idade e escolaridade no desempenho em compreensão leitora e consciência morfológica, assim como o poder preditivo da consciência morfológica no desempenho em compreensão leitora....Reading comprehension is both a skill and a function of intelligence, and many children have difficulty with reading comprehension, especially individuals with learning disabilities.However, because it is a skill, reading comprehension can be improved through a number of different educational techniques.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .Students' failure to meet the school standards led to the design and implementation of a virtual tool to support academic achievement.Data came from a sample of 15 students' reading cycle reports, self-assessment of progress, questionnaires, and interviews.There are two levels to reading comprehension: shallow and deep processing.Shallow processing involves structural and phonetic recognition, while deep processing is more concerned with semantic understanding, when the brain encodes word meaning and relates it to similar words.


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