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The term biotechnology came into popular use around 1980 and was understood to mean the industrial use of microorganisms to make goods and services (Commission of the European Communities, 1979).

Although biotechnology is often associated with the application of genetics, that is too narrow an interpretation.

Modern animal breeding relies on scientific methods to control production of domesticated animals, both livestock and pets, which exhibit desired physical and behavioral traits.

Genetic technology aids animal breeders to attain nutritional, medical, recreational, and fashion standards demanded by consumers for animal products including meat, milk, eggs, leather, wool, and pharmaceuticals.

The first was a search for naturally occurring substances that were effective against microorganisms (antibiosis).

The second was a search for chemicals that would have the same effect (chemotherapy).Ehrlich was a co-recipient (with Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov) of the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1908 for his work on immunity.Success in discovering a range of effective antibacterial drugs had three important consequences: it brought a range of important diseases under control for the first time; it provided a tremendous stimulus to research workers and opened up new avenues of research; and in the resulting commercial optimism, it led to heavy postwar investment in the pharmaceutical industry. Artificial insemination (AI) involves the extraction and collection of semen together with techniques for depositing semen in the uterus in order to achieve successful fertilization and pregnancy.JBB is focuses on all areas of biotechnology research and its disciplinary topics.The main aim of JBB is to provide rapid, regular but innovative papers of recent advances in this field for researchers, students and others in industry.Contribution may be by submission or invitation, and suggestions for special issues and publications are welcome.This collection of biotechnology research paper topics provides the list of 10 potential topics for research papers and overviews the history of biotechnology.JBB invites publications on all the topics focussing on the applications of techniques of biotechnology, and also the contributions dealing with the practices of social, economic and political issues on biotechnological industrial techniques, in the form of Research papers, Reviews, Case reports, Editorials, Comments and as well as Perspectives and offers a receptive medium for rapid, peer-reviewed publication for original articles (full length and short communications), as well as expert scientific reviews.IJBT provides an international forum and refereed authoritative source of information in the field of Biotechnology and Biotechnics, with emphasis on management and economics, as well as the political and social issues.It also seeks to advance the field of biotechnology policy through information dissemination and research networking.IJBT emphasises international dimensions of biotechnology policy.


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