Sally Mann Deep South Essay

I am not so enamored with her book of corpses and death though I am quite well aware there are many who are. The photographs are beautiful, but I have seen many of these already taken of the South, including several of my own with a cheap Holga toy camera.A landscape that is so lush with Spanish moss and weeping willows, weathere Sally Mann has done some remarkable work in her lifetime.

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I want to feel the textures of this fading, yet somehow unchanging, South. Mann achieves the purpose of this statement: “The hands of time are stilled by the resonance of history at the sites I photographed.” She set out to find the past present, and _does_.

Note the temporal shift of that sentence and the “are” of her quote—this collection is then and now and thus always, and a classic.

Sally Mann has done some remarkable work in her lifetime.

Her portraits are amazing, especially of her family members.

I felt like this body of photographs works together to evoke that feeling, but the photos on an individual level were kind of disappointing.

At times, I’ve attempted to articulate what it is in Sally Mann’s photographs that sets them aside from all others.

And here, in this collection of landscape photographs, I see my South. Our attention is strangely drawn to out-of-focus areas, to darkness, to particles in the light.

Through her use of the collodion process, one of the earliest forms of photography, Sally Mann has shown the true beauty of the South. As the edges are interrupted by blackness, I could almost gasp.

Many bad things happened to me in the South, and while the people truly are friendlier there, and the culture of the Intermountain West does not approach it, I see the imperfections of the South, subtle and not so.

And here, in this collection of landscape photogra Artistic depictions of the American South are too frequently oozing with nostalgic sap.


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