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Spend some time sitting with your emotional response to the novum (novi? Join the Rhetoric of Story with course code STORYTEN.Be part of the scifi community with Scifi & Fantasy on Facebook.

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What is it about your story that is unreal and how do you make it realistic? How to make them distinctive, identifiable, memorable and use them to steer your readers’ emotions. • Story Elements: Language – Narrative, Description and Dialogue. BANK TRANSFER/LODGEMENT: if you don’t have a card to pay for the course, you can pay through bank transfer or bank lodgement. POST: We no longer accept cash, cheque or money order payments by post.

We write about what isn’t or can’t be real, so we have to work harder to make readers believe.

And it’s a pretty big problem, at least if you’re a jobbing sci-fi author who would like to get read (and hence paid)…the problem is that your novum, even when it sounds mighty interesting, is actually mighty boring.

But the divorce is only the surface, exterior level of the story.

Damien Walter writes on scifi & fantasy for The Guardian, BBC, Wired, Oxford University Press, IO9, and elsewhere. All stories, not just sci-fi tales, contain something like a novum.

He’s a graduate of the Clarion scifi writers workshop, and teaches the Rhetoric of Story. The Oscar winning 1979 movie Kramer vs Kramer isn’t even slightly sci-fi.

When high-falutin people talk about sci-fi you’ll often hear them use words like to describe the…thing…at the heart of every sci-fi story that makes it sci-fi. But the film still has a novum…a couple go through a difficult divorce.

There, I said it, novums are fucking insanely dull! A portal that leads to every possible world sounds really interesting! But if it’s actually going to BE interesting for your audience, the novum has to do something much more than just sit around being a cool idea.

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Oisin is a winner of the European Science Fiction Society Award and has published eleven novels. Discussing conventions, festivals and other events. PAYMENT/REGISTRATION: Please note that we do not require you to fill out a registration form.


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