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To balance this out, Maine was admitted as a free state.

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Another bill that divided up a territory because of the different stance on the slavery issue was the Kansas-Nebraska Bill of 1854.

The Southerners didn t support this bill from the start.

These issues were all presented because of the different stances the Northerners and the Southerners took in regards to slavery.

In conclusion, the issue of slavery was the major cause of the growing sectionalism in the pre-civil war US.

As a result, Douglas allowed .popular sovereignty x in the territories of the Louisiana Purchase.

This bill also admitted Nebraska as a free state and Kansas as a slave state.And the tariff would help because during the War of 1812 British merchants brought a great deal of products to the United States and sold them at much lower prices than American made goods, so the tariff would raise the prices of the British goods so the American merchants could sell their products at a lower price. Female workers in Lowell, MA can be compared to slaves in the south in many ways but they are also very different.The conditions that the women in Lowell and slaves had to live in were very unsanitary and unbearable. They were constantly watched as were slaves and they were also forced to go to church.It divided the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase along the 36 30 line.All territories north of this line forbid slavery except for Missouri.A new transportation system would allow trade between the north and the south.Now America could finally become independent economically.The Democratic party and the antislavery Whigs were against this bill because it ignored the Missouri Compromise of 1820.The Constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise was also questioned in the Dred Scott Decision.Unlike slaves they were paid, even though they were paid very little because they could do the work of a man but get paid less, they still got paid.They had choices of what jobs to do where slaves were assigned to certain jobs.


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