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While this represents the beginnings of self-concept, others suggest that self-concept develops later, around age 7 or 8.

At this point, children are developmentally prepared to interpret their own feelings and abilities, as well as receive and consider feedback from peers, teachers, and family.

There was also a large focus on residence, lending to the fact they share resources and living space with the others from the kibbutz.

These types of differences were also seen in a study done with Swedish and Japanese adolescents.

Additionally, teens begin to evaluate their abilities on a continuum, as opposed to the "yes/no" evaluation of children.

For example, while children might evaluate themselves "smart", teens might evaluate themselves as "not the smartest, but smarter than average." Despite differing opinions about the onset of self-concept development, researchers agree on the importance of one's self-concept, which influences people's behaviors and cognitive and emotional outcomes including (but not limited to) academic achievement, levels of happiness, anxiety, social integration, self-esteem, and life-satisfaction.

Features such as personality, skills and abilities, occupation and hobbies, physical characteristics, etc.

are assessed and applied to self-schemas, which are ideas of oneself in a particular dimension (e.g., someone that considers themselves a geek will associate "geek-like" qualities to themselves).

Statements such as "I am tired", however, would not be part of someone's self-concept, since being tired is a temporary state and therefore cannot become a part of a self-schema.

A person's self-concept may change with time as reassessment occurs, which in extreme cases can lead to identity crises.


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