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Motivation is one of the factors that cause, channel, and sustain an individual’s behaviour (Stoner,2006) While management is the process of planning, leading, and controlling the work of organization members and of using all available organizational resources to reach stated organizational goals (Stoner, 2006).

To me, self-motivation is very important to all individual.

Self-management is important because it enables one to be productive without being told over and over again.

Besides, as motivation arises from within employees and ...

Things I have to manage throughout year one of my degree is time and stress.

They give us the theoretical background of this process explaining the nature and types of motivation. The most well-known among them is the carrot and the stick method. This theory is supposed to be very primitive in our modern world, as it takes into account only basic instincts.

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You must have seen a picture with a sad donkey, sweet carrot and a stick that describes this method.

I will motivate myself throughout year one of my degree by having a new hobby which is reading.

Reading is very important for my studies and reading English books can help me improve my English language.

But the most reliable and effective type of motivation is a self-motivation.

If you don’t have enough motivation in your life check out this story.


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