Shape Problem Solving Ks2

Shape Problem Solving Ks2-20
Includes cubes, spheres, cuboids, cylinders, cones and pentagonal-based pyramids and hexagonal-based pyramids.

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Pause the video and ask pupils to identify the order of rotational symmetry Rotational Symmetry in Synchronised Swimming Video– a video of the Sydney 2000 Japanese Olympic synchronised swimming team featuring rotational symmetry Rotational Symmetry on Flashy Maths– a wonderful Flashy Maths applet showing the concept of rotational symmetry Reflection B-boy Dancing Video– a You Tube video of B-boy dancing with line (or more accurately, plane) symmetry Transformation Station– a super Flashy Maths game about transformations Amazing Transformations Resources– Truly awesome transformations resources. Effect of enlargement factor and centre of enlargement on enlargement transformations– interactive applet Vital Vectors Crosswind Landings– a problem based on using vectors to understand how aircraft land in crosswinds.

Uses trigonometry Check If A Ship Is On Course Using Trigonometry Maths In Work Video– a superb video showing how you can use trigonometry to check if a ship is on course Trigonometry Pile Up– a challenging trigonometry puzzle! – a brilliant activity where you use spaghetti to derive the sine and cosine curves Units Card Sort– a card sort where you can get pupils to group similar units.

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Useful for identifying units that measure similar quantities and also for showing the difference between metric and imperial units Reaction Times Maths In Work Video– a great video about how compound units can be used to calculate reaction times in athletes Calculating Distance Off Course Maths In Work Video– a super video incorporating bearings, angle facts and compound measures to calculate how far a ship is off course Calculating Hours And Minutes Maths In Work Video– a video explaining how an admin worker converts the amount of time an employee has worked into a decimal number of hours Vital Vectors Crosswind Landings– a problem based on using vectors to understand how aircraft land in crosswinds.

Uses trigonometry Maximum Volume Cuboid Box Investigation– a super investigation where pupils have to produce a box of maximum volume given a certain size piece of paper Maximum Volume of Cylinder NRich Investigation– a classic NRich Maths investigation into maximising the volume of a cylinder made from a single piece of paper Volume QR Reader Treasure Hunt– a stunning treasure hunt that embraces modern technology.

Properties of Quadrilaterals Dominoes– a superb set of dominoes that gets pupils to explore the shape properties of quadrilaterals. – a challenging net problem based on patterns on the faces of cubes Escher’s Waterfall Is Real– fascinating video illusion of someone creating Escher’s famous waterfall.

Made by the excellent and published on Shape properties of quadrilaterals investigation– a super NRich Maths investigation into shape properties of quadrilaterals Angles Properties of 2D Shapes Investigation– investigate the angle properties of 2D shapes. Great for showing why we don’t have diagonal elevations of 3D shapes!

Each has a total of 18 square faces and 8 faces that are equilateral triangles.

This is a lesson I taught to a mixed year 3/4 class on problem solving using shape puzzles.


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