Should Everyone Go To College Essay

These well-educated people can work in teams and have a capacity for deep listening.

It is not only about completion but completing with the right set of skills and abilities. Innovation and design labs exploring design thinking are popping up across the country.This is not only about resourcing, it also is about “having skin in the game” as the US Senate report so aptly frames it.The Conversation is running a series on “What are universities for?Leo Goedegebuure is Director of the LH Martin Institute, the University of Melbourne, which provides award and non-award programs and services to improve leadership and management across the sector.The Institute was set up under a Commonwealth Grant, but now is primarily self-funded.Last year a whopping 1,149,300 people were enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree or above. This leads many to ask whether many people are going to university. Or just the correct number to be able to fill highly skilled jobs in Australia?Philosophically, I am all in favour of providing a university experience to as many students as possible.During the summer, after your high school graduation, it feels like every other person asks you, “what’s your plan for the fall?” People ask this with the preconceived idea that you will respond with, “Oh, I’m attending X college in the fall! Whenever you respond with, “Oh, I’m going into the workforce or a trade school,” a disapproving facial expression usually follows.Ensuring their students can complete the degrees they are enrolled in is universities’ first responsibility.While some may look at graduate employment rates and contend we have an oversupply of graduates, I fundamentally disagree.


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