Social Work Case Studies

Social Work Case Studies-79
Besides the policies there are several risk involved in the protection of the child because there are many factors which are neglected in the child protection which is basically the poverty and even the family are not given importance in that case.This is basically risk to the child and the families (Emerson and, 2012).In this type of power no advice is taken from the individual on whom the power is being exercised.

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In this type of power this is excised only by one individual and he is the one who gives orders to the other individual.

In case of the system theory the concept of risk is that there are times when the workers are not able to provide satisfactory services to the patients and because of this there are several complaints which are lodged by the patients against the doctors.

To avoid these problems doctors are more concern about the services which they are providing to the patients.

In case of risk factor in children protection is neglecting the rights and the duties which are provided by the government for child protection to families.

Most of the types the social workers do not exercise their practice according to the rights and the duties and because of this tension arises between them.


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