Spartacus And The Slave Wars Essay

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Additionally, according to ancient sources, Spartacus insisted on equally dividing the spoils, something that made recruitment all the more easier.In time, he even succeeded in getting non-slaves to join his rebellion.

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While at the school, Spartacus helped organize a breakout that led to more than 70 gladiators escaping armed with knives, cleavers and other makeshift weapons they got from the kitchen.

One of the people Spartacus escaped with was his wife, a Thracian woman whose name is lost to history.

Spartacus had not only escaped the trap but had mauled the Roman army, allowing his troops to march to the Alps.

After defeating another Roman force, this one led by a Roman governor named Gaius Cassius Longinus, Spartacus’s force was now free to climb the Alps and go to Gaul, Thrace or other areas not controlled by Rome.

Rome did not respond to Spartacus’ growing force seriously.

At the time of his breakout, the Republic’s military was fighting in Spain, southeast Europe and Crete.Spartacus was trapped between two armies likely equipped with better arms and armor then he had.But one thing neither commander appears to have counted on was that Spartacus had built up a sizable cavalry force in the preceding months.Furthermore, a group of escaped slaves were not seen as posing a serious challenge to Roman soldiers.The Romans despatched a praetor named Gaius Claudius Glaber to form an army to crush the slaves. Glaber’s ad-hoc army didn’t even try to attack Spartacus.The writer Plutarch, who lived in the second century A.D., wrote that she “was a prophetess who was possessed by ecstatic frenzies that were part of the worship of the god Dionysus.” After Spartacus woke up with a snake coiled around his head “she declared that this was the sign of a tremendous and fearsome power that would bring him to an unfortunate end” (translation by Brent Shaw, from the book "Spartacus and the Slave Wars: Brief History with Documents," Bedford/St. Spartacus and his small band of escapees acquired gladiator weapons from a passing cart and made their way to Mount Vesuvius.Thracians were known to be good horseman, able to tame even wild horses.“Spartacus suddenly rushed at them and engaged them in battle.However, for reasons lost to history, Spartacus chose not to do this, instead turning his force around and heading back into Italy.Why he did this is a mystery.“Many theories have been proposed, but the best explanation was already hinted at in the ancient sources.


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