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The comic book featured a sponge named Bob that was the first incarnation of the spongiform sprite.But his passion for animation led him to a role as creative director of Joe Murray’s cartoon, .

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I remember his bringing it up to Mark in our office and asking him if he’d be interested in working on it.

Mark had just sold a comic strip [] to Universal Press Syndicate, and so wouldn’t have the time.

Hillenburg announced that he was putting the series on hiatus while he focused on the theatrical movie.

At the time, no one knew if more episodes would be forthcoming. 19, 2004, was a popular and critical hit, and a fourth season was announced.

The series started strongly (in a vote of early confidence, parent network Nickelodeon aired its debut immediately following the broadcast of its highly rated Kids’ Choice Awards), and it found a loyal audience among children as well as adults who appreciated its whimsy and slyly deceptive sophistication.

(Only later would the broadcaster learn that the program was also popular among college students in various states of sobriety and among gay viewers—but more on that later.) ’s first era ended in 2004 with the conclusion of the third season.By the time I saw it, I was just blown away by the groundwork.And he learned a lot of those lessons from Joe Murray on Rocko. Drymon: I was teamed up with the storyboard director Mark O’Hare, who had been Steve’s storyboard artist for the first three seasons of [, and I was thrilled to be working for him.On that program, Hillenburg became acquainted with the group of people who would become central to helping him realize his vision of a porous protagonist and his subaquatic friends, chief among them Derek Drymon, Nick Jennings and Tom Kenny.They bought into Hillenburg’s vision of Sponge Bob as the eternal child who could see only the bright side of even the most oppressively punishing situation and who finds only the good in the most ill-intentioned people.I started self-publishing a comic book called Funnytime Features to show the show’s creator, Joe Murray, what I could do.When Steve was promoted to creative director of was just one of those shows that were the first break for a lot of people who went on to do other stuff in the business.I envisioned myself dying in a car crash on the way home. I was very disappointed I wouldn’t be able to write any more.Steve was starting to think about creating and pitching his own show.A few years later, when Steve was ready to pitch a character of his own, he remembered me and thought I’d be good for his new character, Sponge Bob.He asked me to look at some stuff, and it was a very well thought-out, well-conceived bible, the only difference being that the character was called Sponge Boy.


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