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dept=mm • i Podfolio: __________________________________________ Other Format: ________________________________ Best of Show Portfolio Mechanics: Have you checked your portfolio for the following: Clear Navigation Plan________ • Grammar__________ • Variety of Multimedia Visual Aids_________ • Overall Impact of Portfolio Showcasing Your Story____________ Presentation of e Portfolio: Review the tips on making a presentation: Tips on Making Presentations with your Portfolio: you present your Best of Show Portfolio in class, you will be asked “What did you learn about yourself by developing your portfolio?

_____________________________________________________________ Best of Show Portfolio Resources: RACCE: Folio Thinking – Building Your College Portfolio a Portfolio: Storyboard Process: Planning Your Learning Story KSU Complete Graduate Resource: Your Best of Show Portfolio Overview: College Portfolio Handbook for Student Success & Global Citizenship by Dr.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are you including in the portfolio: Learning Story clearly defined • Establish Credibility using Resume & References • General Skill showcased • Specific Academic Major Experience showcased • Use of Supporting Evidence • Examples of Global Experience Showcased • Personal Evidence • Entrepreneurial Evidence • Other (explain)___________________________________ Step Three: Format of the Portfolio: Format: What is the best format delivery of your portfolio?

______________________ For examples of formats for portfolios consult:

• Employment • Graduate School • Internship • Scholarship • Personal • Entrepreneur • Other (explain)____________________________ Step Two: Design of Portfolio: Design: Will the reader understand your learning story?

What is the best table of contents for your learning story?

We see a progression of satisfaction of the user through both their surrounding, stance, and movements.

We first begin with the daydream of the user, longing for a better surrounding than the everyday city.

page_id=147 Name: __________________________________________ Step One: Mission of Portfolio Connect Your Learning: Develop the Mission, Design, and Format for your portfolio showcasing your Learning Story: What is the purpose of the portfolio?

Is it clearly stated: ______________________________________________________________ Is the Mission of the Best of show Portfolio explained for one or more of the following?


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