Synthesis Essay Thesis

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You would then narrow that general idea down to a specific topic, such as the effect of cars on the environment.

In the event you are given a topic in class to write about, you can skip this step all together, though you should still begin to think about from what point-of-view you will be writing from.

By now, you should know what you are going to prove, and it’s time to put thoughts to paper.

The thesis statement always goes on the first paragraph and is the main idea of the entire essay.

A background essay may not call for any new ideas, while a thesis essay not only requires new ideas but can also be controversial.

Begin by collecting ideas from two or more sources, then use them to develop your own concepts. Look at what other writers have had to say about the subject.If your source material leaves you feeling that something is wrong, you've got a great starting point for your thesis. Your essay must have a strong structure to be effective. This lets the reader follow your process, and adds credibility to your work.If your ideas conflict with the source material, write about that also.Read through this material, and be sure to take notes. This will be a useful reference when you explain the concepts and compare the sources to each other.Sources used in the essay should be listed as citations on a separate page, as well as being cited in your text. This is when you can use your own creativity to make something new.Build on this framework, using facts and concepts from your sources.The use of supporting material forces you to stay on track. Format your work so the thesis appears first, then follow the thesis paragraph with material that supports your idea in a logical fashion.As you begin to research and dig into your sources, you can begin to plan out what you want to prove, as this will be the foundation of your thesis statement.Keep track of what source specific information came from.How do you feel about what your sources had to say?The points where other writers conflict or converge are good places to look for your thesis.


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