Systems Thinking Problem Solving

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Problems are connected to many other elements within dynamic systems.If we just treat one symptom, the flow on effects lead to burden shifting and often unintended consequences.While I hope you will enjoy this journey through the perspectives of different individuals, I also leave you with another problem to solve.

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This was shown as a percentage of operated hours to potential total operation hours.

Therefore there was a strong urge for the manufacturing managers sometimes to operate lines without schedule.

As a trainee of the department, it seemed perfectly logical.

If I were to get my promotions on the number of hours that my line was running, I would maximize that output, what may.

In The Fifth Discipline, Senge makes a case for why we need systems thinking:“From an early age we are taught to break apart problems, to fragment the world.

Systems Thinking Problem Solving

This apparently makes complex tasks and subjects more manageable, but we pay a hidden, enormous price.

The problem definition is as follows: Connect all the nine dots, by using four straight lines or less, without lifting the pen. In case not, I shall be happy to mail you the solution on your email id.

If we want to overcome the systemic issues behind today’s problems, then we need to change the thinking that led to them to begin with.

One may see a problem but the others may not see the problem.

Equifinality and Multifinality It seems right to introduce two more tenets of Systems Thinking at this point in the discussion.


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